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Target Audience
  • Adult
  • Teen

The Challenge: Can we build a turn-based strategy game for Twitch, where both broad­casters and viewers play in a live stream? Can this proof-of-concept give broad­casters a new way to interact with their followers?

The Solution: Schell Games created Waste­landers, where broad­casters take on the role of a Warlord in a post-apoc­a­lyptic wasteland, and lead their viewers in battle against another broad­caster-led team. By watching the stream and chatting, viewers can control warriors on the battle­field, set bounties on oppo­si­tion warriors, place land mines, and alter the battle in other fun and surprising ways. Broad­casters can then reward their most loyal followers and subscribers with more chances to play and gain game expe­ri­ence.

The Results: Schell Games was able to prove that this type of inter­ac­tive game format on Twitch was indeed possible, and broad­casters and their followers could have more engaging inter­ac­tions with this format.

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