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Amplify Education

Target Audience
  • Middle School

The Challenge: How can Schell Games create an action-RPG expe­ri­ence that can be used in class­rooms and at home for learning English language arts (ELA)?

The Solution: Schell Games partnered with Amplify to create The World of Lexica, a tablet-based, action-RPG style expe­ri­ence for young teens that intro­duces them to an imag­i­na­tive, book-themed world where literary char­ac­ters emerge from their stories to accompany them on a new and exciting adventure. Players explore the world as a Curioso, a magical creature that repre­sents the player’s own curiosity. They are joined by classic book char­ac­ters such as Cheshire Cat, Frankenstein’s Monster, and John Henry, as they cross paths with the likes of Baba Yaga and Mr. Hyde. By making book char­ac­ters part of the player’s own adventure, Lexica hopes to draw interest to their original stories, which in turn, can be found at the touch of a fingertip in Lexica’s accom­pa­nying eReader. The game’s primary goal is to foster a passion for reading while seam­lessly bridging the gap between gameplay and learning.

The Results: This article from USA Today explores the ways in which this award-winning game encour­ages students to read the classics.

Winner Serious Play Award- Gold 2015 International Serious Play Conference
Winner Entertainment, Film and Digital Media 2015 CREATE Festival
Official Selection Editor's Choice 2015 Children's Technology Review
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