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Histo­ry­Maker VR

Target Audience
  • Middle School
  • Teen
  • Oculus Rift

Histo­ry­Maker VR is a virtual reality (VR) content creation theater tool for class­rooms. In this IES/​SBIR Phase I proof of concept, students are able to select a histor­ical figure to use as a puppet and record them­selves as that person. The student will also be able to interact with props specific to the time period and the histor­ical figure selected.

Histo­ry­Maker VR allows the student to upload the speech into the game and recite it using an in-game teleprompter. After recording, the student can choose a different vantage point inside the game to watch the recording, or the student or teacher can export the recording to watch it outside of VR. Histo­ry­Maker VR can also be streamed to monitors/​projectors so the entire classroom can watch.

This prototype is being funded by a Phase I grant awarded by the Depart­ment of Education IES Small Business Inno­va­tion Research program.

The prototype also received addi­tional funding from the Depart­ment of Education in a Phase II grant.

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