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Baker Street Expe­ri­ence

Target Audience
  • Adult
  • Alexa

The Baker Street Expe­ri­ence is an inter­ac­tive audio adventure set in the universe of Sherlock Holmes and made exclu­sively for the Alexa-enabled devices. This app, or skill, features several envi­ron­ments that help create a feeling of progres­sion and explo­ration within the expe­ri­ence, including Holmes titular study on Baker Street, a busy coffee house, a derelict back alley and Scotland Yard.

Unlike other Amazon Echo expe­ri­ences, this skill uses full voiceover, including player action prompts and Quit/​Cancel audio. It is also the first audio adventure to include the new Home Card art feature. This system provides optional visual accom­pa­ni­ment (scene art, help text, credits, and company infor­ma­tion) to enhance the expe­ri­ence when played along with a mobile device.

To play the Baker Street Expe­ri­ence you’ll need an Alexa-enabled device and an account. Once every­thing is config­ured, simply say, Alexa, Enable Baker Street Expe­ri­ence”, and you’ll be ready to don the iconic hat and magni­fying glass of the world’s most renowned detective. Best of all, the expe­ri­ence is free to all Amazon Echo owners. See the Baker Street Expe­ri­ence on Amazon.

To read more about the Baker Street Expe­ri­ence and to hear some examples of gameplay, visit the Blog.

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